Teknoloji Eğitimleri Depar Akademi

Corporate Technology Trainings

As Depar Academy, leaving a mark in the field of Informatics; We are an institution that offers cutting-edge training. Together with all our trainers and technical staff, we focus on quality education with completely up-to-date content and cutting-edge technologies.

Our trainers consist of professionals who are experts in their fields, enjoy teaching, and love to share their field and project experiences.

Our goal is to enable corporate company employees to take an active role in the technology world with the trainings we offer. For this purpose, we constantly provide new technology trainings and work on new topics.

We collect our training services under three main headings. We classify these as classroom trainings open to general participation that we organize in our academy, “institution-specific” corporate trainings we organize within our academy for our corporate customers, and on-the-job trainings that we organize for our corporate businesses in their own places.

You can visit Depar BT for corporate consultancy solutions and outsourcing services in the field of informatics.