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Yazılım ve Veritabanı Eğitimleri

Software and Database

Our Software, Mobile and Database Trainings are needed in companies of all sizes; These are corporate training programs we have created for the purpose of developing web, desktop and mobile software, designing database systems with coding, installing, managing and auditing securely.

Sistem ve Ağ Uzmanlığı Eğitimi

System and Network

Our System Expertise and Network trainings; These are the trainings we offer to determine the needs of medium and large-scale networks, to set up and manage systems securely, and to provide technical support, and aim to increase the functionality of your institution.

Tasarım Eğitimleri


Design Trainings is a training program that covers all the processes of design, in which we train the personnel needed in almost every sector today, with a clear job description. It includes the basic principles of digital design, application software used in design work from draft to printing processes.

Bilgi Teknolojileri Yönetimi Eğitimi

IT Managament

Information Technologies, being the most indispensable elements of today, is becoming very important due to the constantly changing dynamics.
Information Technology Service Management Training means designing, constructing and managing quality IT services to meet business needs. These are our training programs in which IT service management is transferred and international standards are explained.

Depar Akademi Bilgi Güvenliği Eğitimleri

Information Security

Our Information Security Trainings are trainings aimed at eliminating risks that threaten information security, increasing security and making it safe. At the end of the training; Attack simulations including awareness scenarios are carried out.

Depar Akademi Dijital Pazarlama Eğitimi

Digital Marketing

Many parameters should be together and compatible with each other for the management of your images on your websites and social media, and for the healthy management of your communications with your followers. It covers sub-titles such as Digital Marketing Trainings, Campaign Types, Seo, Sem, Google Analytics Training, Content Creation.

Proje Yönetimi Eğitimi

Project Managament

One of the most important issues for companies is how to manage projects successfully. With Project Management trainings, you can reveal Project Management principles and techniques, define critical roles, determine the right strategies, and manage your projects with flexible, effective, practical, time and cost estimation methods.

Ofis Eğitimi

Office Trainings

It is a corporate training program that we aim to have employees who use the most up-to-date version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc. trainings and office application software well, who can produce solutions for all your business needs with office tools, who use time more efficiently, and thus complete all their work on time and completely.


Technology Trainings

It is the leading institution affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, which organizes product-independent cutting-edge technology trainings in software, information security, digital marketing, system and network fields for Turkey’s leading companies.

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Depar Akademi Online Eğitim


Depar Academy will continue to organize online trainings in these days when we switch to the home working system like everyone else. Visit the page.

Depar Akademi Sınıf Eğitimleri


These are the trainings we provide in Depar Academy classes that are open to your company’s requests, specific or general participation.

Kurum İçi Eğitimleri


These are the trainings we provide for your company in the training halls located directly in your institution, according to the needs of your institution.

Depar Akademi İş başı Eğitimleri


It is the usage and management training given on the job for your technology infrastructure, devices or software in your company headquarters.

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